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Bounce - 600g Refill Bag

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An energy boost like no other!

Bounce -  600g Refill Bag - Keeping costs and weight to a minimum. Designed to refill your existing Bounce Superfood Smoothie Powder container or store it in another airtight container.
*Please transfer contents into your existing Bounce Superfood Smoothie Powder Jar or other airtight containers within five days of receiving the product for maximum freshness.


A nutritious blend of antioxidant-rich fruits, vegetables, chia seeds and superfoods including lacuma, acai, camucamu, maqui and beetroot. Bounce superfood powder will keep you healthy from the inside out. 

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May contain dairy.

  • How to use

    Add 5g (one scoop) to shakes and smoothies. Can also be mixed with water, fruit juice or yoghurt.
  • Ingredients

    Ingredients: Ground chia seeds, cranberry, green banana, organic lacuma, beetroot, organic mesquite, yacon powder, organic acai, organic grape skin, organic camucamu ,organic maqui, organic monk fruit, coconut sugar.

  • Recipes

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Janess Nicholas

Switched from another brand as I love the lean bean and hemp proteins so thought I would try. Found this tasted much nicer than what I was having. I add to my berry smoothies, it’s awesome knowing Im doing something right for my body lol.

Dirk van der Walt
Smooth and delicious

Love the taste and the contents

Donna Dyer

Great product, easy to use and tasty. Definitely will buy again.

Glenis Thomas
Great morning smoothie addition!

My first try with Bounce and loving it! I use it in my morning smoothie along with the collagen and protein powders plus frozen blueberries. I have noticed a big drop in inflammation and body stiffness.

Donna Phillips
My skin thanks you for it

I have tried Bounce for approximately a month and a half and I noticed recently that my skin health has improved, including on my face. While it is no miracle able to remove all my wrinkles it has made my skin softer and smoother. I have sustained energy and enjoy the taste as well.