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Are your products gluten free?

All products except our Low Carb Bread Mix (contains gluten) are gluten-free and coeliac safe. 

Are your products nut free?

We do not process peanuts in our factory, however, we do process tree nuts including cashews and almonds. Some of our protein bars and mixes contain almonds and cashews so if you have a nut allergy please check the nutritional information on individual product pages.


Are your products keto or low-carb friendly?

You can find our specific low-carb and keto products in the ‘Keto’ section of our online store. The majority of our products including collagen, protein powders and bars are also considered low-carb - you’ll just need to check the carb content per serving in the nutritional information section and make sure you factor this in with your daily carb intake.

Are your products suitable for diabetics?

Our keto and low-carb range contains a great selection of products suitable for diabetics. Supplementing protein may also be beneficial for diabetics due to its blood glucose stabilising properties. If you are unsure about whether a specific product is suitable for you, please feel free to get in touch via our website chat.


Are your products suitable for vegans or vegetarians?

At Nothing Naughty we produce specific vegan, vegetarian, plant-based products and dairy/animal-based products. Please refer to individual product pages for ingredient contents.


Are your products free from genetically modified materials?

Yes! All our products are made from GMO-free ingredients.


Are your products pregnancy and breastfeeding safe?

While our product range uses natural ingredients we recommend consulting your medical professional before starting any new supplements. 

Can children consume Nothing Naughty products?

While our products and serving sizes are based on the nutritional requirements of adults, they are also completely safe and suitable for children. Bear in mind children will require smaller serving sizes when it comes to protein!



What products will assist me with weight loss?

We believe the best weight loss results come through a combination of a healthy balanced diet and exercise, and we have created a range of products to support this! Our keto and low-carb range is a great place to start as all products are low in sugar and carbs which will assist with losing weight. Products such as our low-sugar sauces and syrups make great substitutes for regular sauces and syrups and will help to cut your daily calorie intake down.

Increasing protein intake through supplementing protein powders and bars into your daily nutrition can also assist weight loss through helping to stabilise blood sugars, keeping you full and assisting the production of lean muscle which boosts metabolism.



Can I adjust my order once I have already placed it?

If you have placed and paid for your order you may be able to adjust it if you contact us on or phone 0508 668 446. Once orders are processed they are normally dispatched the same or next day so this needs to be done urgently before your order is dispatched. 


How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is free NZ-wide for all orders over $30! 


Can I have my parcel redirected?

If you would like to change your delivery address please notify us as soon as possible. Once your order has been dispatched this is not possible, though you may be able to redirect via getting in touch with NZ Post if they offer this option for your delivery. 


What is your returns policy?

If your order is incorrect or contains damaged or faulty goods please contact us ASAP and we will happily replace or refund where appropriate and cover all associated shipping costs. Refunds and returns will not be issued for change-of-mind purchases. For further information or queries surrounding refunds and replacements please contact us on