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Premium Plant Proteins

All natural flavours, sweetened by nature.


This is dependent on your individual profile and goals but the minimum amount recommended to prevent protein deficiency is 0.8g/per kg of body weight per day.

As a brief guide for those who are active if you predominantly do endurance training eg. middle to long distance running, hiking, swimming and cycling the recommended daily intake of protein is 1.2-1.4g per kg of bodyweight per day.

If you predominantly do more power or strength training, such as weightlifting, powerlifting, CrossFit and resistance training then the recommended daily intake can range between 1.4-2.2g per kg of bodyweight per day.

For a more detailed explanation on how much protein you require per day check out our blog post by Dr Shehnaz Hussain on protein requirements.

Yes, our protein powders are caffeine-free and safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding. We recommend discussing your individual protein requirements with your doctor or midwife as this may vary depending on your circumstances. You can also find out more about protein requirements when pregnant or breastfeeding in our blog by Dr Shehnaz Hussain:

Our protein powders are considered keto-friendly. If you are on a strict keto diet you will need to factor in the carb content of the protein powder to ensure your daily carb intake stays within your individual threshold for your keto plan.

This really comes down to personal preference but to help you out here's a brief rundown:

Lean Bean Protein - Our newest plant-based protein that has consistently rave reviews. Considered the best-textured and tasting plant protein in our range made from Australian Fava Beans. Great for having in shakes, smoothies, yoghurt, cereals or adding to baking.

Premium Pea Protein - Our longstanding most popular plant protein which is as smooth as pea proteins get but still has a slight grainy texture (it's made from peas). The most cost-effective plant-based protein for adding to shakes, smoothies, cereal, baking and whatever else you'd like to use it for!

Organic Hemp Protein - Unflavoured and stronger-tasting than Pea or Lean Bean but adds a nice nutty flavour to smoothies or stirred into cereals or yoghurt or baking. Not recommended to drink on it's own due to taste.

Brown Rice Protein - Fast-digesting and a great hypoallergenic option for those with sensitivities to other proteins. Recommended for adding to baking recipes, may not be desired in smoothies due to it's somewhat bitter taste - though some don't mind it!