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Cocoa Butter 250g

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Cooking With Cocoa Butter 

Cocoa butter has many of the same health benefits as eating a nice bite of dark chocolate. A great ingredient for baking and cooking – substitute for regular butter.  Perfect for making your own chocolates. Another benefit of cooking with cocoa butter is that it burns at very high temperature. This means you can cook your meat on a higher flame without worrying about burning the butter.   

Cocoa butter is dairy free! Cocoa butter is actually the fat portion of the cocoa bean, is a completely vegetarian fat source.

Other uses for Cocoa Butter
Cocoa butter is a versatile beauty tool. It's an excellent moisturizer. Cocoa butter also works as a wonderful lip balm. It's moisturizing qualities also make it a great shaving cream. For those who like to get crafty, many DIY soap and moisturizer recipes use cocoa butter as a base. Personalized moisturizers make great cost effective gifts.  

Nutrition Information:
Servings per pack 25  Serving Size 10g

                                        Average Quantity             Average Quantity
                                        per serving                       per 100g

Energy                            370kj                                 3700kj
Protein                            0.0g                                      0.0g
Fat, total                         10.0g                                 100.0g
-saturated                        6.0g                                    60.0g
Carbohydrate                  0.0g                                      0.0g
- sugars                           0.0g                                      0.0g
Sodium                            0.0mg                                   0.0mg

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Gail Rosevear
Cocoa Butter

Bought the cocoa butter as I have never used product before. Thought it would of been a brown colour so as it wasn't used it in some pikelets and we throughly enjoyed them. Just melted it first. My grandchildren like chocolate pikelets. Will look for other recipes to use the rest.

Great cocoa butter

This was my first time buying or using cocoa butter and it made my homemade chocolate delicious.
Super fast delivery and very helpful customer service, would highly recommended this company and this product

Caroline Wooler

I thought this product was great. I made delicious chocolate which I also added your protein powder to making a wonderful nutritious healthy snack.

Tracey Anne Rich
Not great

Efficient service & Fast delivery. It's cheap. I bought this hoping it would be better than the 'Pams' variety we have at our local supermarket, which is not very nice cocoa butter, I used to buy cacao butter years ago online. It was expensive, but as soon as you opened the bag it smelled like chocolate and when used in baking it was simply divine. I like making vegan desserts with this, especially vegan cheesecakes.
This stuff was much the same as the supermarkets in price & flavour. It has no delicious smell and has a rancid taste. Perhaps this is just for using for soaps and such like, and not the edible version? ..but this was not stated in the description. I did wonder though if this was an expired item, because it had an expiry stamp on it that had expired, but another stamp had been placed over that one giving it till 20 JUL 24 I've lost a little faith in Nothing Naughty because of this experience :(

Pete Clarkson
Awesome customer service and product

Bought this as was recommended for my son who works in a factory and gets dermatitis.
Nothing Naughty shocked me with their amazingly good customer service, so rare!!!
Overnight delivery and excellent communication along with very fair pricing on product and delivery
The cacao butter works really well and my son's condition has shown a vast improvement, he doesn't need to use steroid medications now, YAY
Top marks guys and thank you so much