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Pure Marine Collagen & Vitamin C - 300g Refill Bag

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Flavour: Natural Unflavoured + Vit C

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Compostable Collagen Scoop 5g

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300g REFILL bag for refilling our reusable glass storage jars!

Our Pure Marine Collagen contains 10g Premium Marine Collagen per serve. At just 2,000 daltons molecular weight this is the most bioavailable marine collagen in NZ. This unflavored powder is best blended into smoothies, stirred into juice, herbal tea or dairy-free drinks. It can be taken on it's own with water but due to it's pure blend it definitely tastes better with a little flavour!

Our Marine Collagen is sustainably sourced from non-gmo European Red Snapper as a a byproduct of the fishing industry.

  • Type 1 Marine Collagen
  • 10g Pure Marine Collagen per serve (2,000 daltons molecular weight)
  • Added Vitamin C for collagen synthesis
  • Supports healthy skin, hair, nails, joints and gut health
  • Gluten, dairy, sugar and GMO free

PREGNANT AND BREASTFEEDING WOMEN - Please do not take Marine Collagen whilst breastfeeding and pregnant. While some brands may promote this as being ok we strongly advise against taking Marine Collagen during this sensitive time as there is risk that allergens and seafood sensitivities could be passed on to your baby. We recommend sticking with our Pure Collagen (Bovine) if pregnant and breastfeeding as Bovine collagen is marine and allergen-free.

Collagen powder may contain soy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Kristen Frye
A daily staple for me now

I can tell a big difference in my nails, hair and my joints. I'm 36 and am very active and do CrossFit so I like to take care of my joints and this helps me maintain that. Also, a great source of added protein and can never get enough vitamin C for skin and immune system! I mix it in everything!

Carolyn Green
Carolyn G

Very happy with your product. Am noticing that my skin is smoother,and my hair is not so unruly.

Donna M
It works!

First time buying collagen from Nothing Naughty and I can tell it's genuine unlike many others. I have arthritis in my fingers and the pain is terrible. So if the product is good, there's no pain. Very happy with it and it mixes well. Totally recommend.

Great product

Great product, neutral flavour, no weird taste, dissolves really well. I love the refill bag as there's less waste. My skin, hair and bails are healthier and stronger since I started taking this.

Lorraine Austin

Beautiful flavour, easy to take with no yukky back taste, a generous sized pack and reasonably priced for the quantity. This was my first purchase, and will definitely be changing permanently to this project, thanks!!