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Premium Rice Protein Refill 1kg NATURAL

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Compostable Protein Scoop

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1kg REFILL BAG - Please empty contents into your existing Rice Protein Jar or other airtight container within 5 days of arrival to preserve freshness.

With no fillers, additives or sweeteners, just pure rice protein. A convenient source of protein for vegetarians and vegans, rice protein may be used in both cold and hot recipes and is a great way to add protein to baking such as cakes, muffins and pancakes.

Ingredients: 100% Brown Rice Protein

Serving Size: 25g Servings per pack: 40

Average Quantity per Serving

Energy - 385kj
Protein - 20.0g
Fat Total - 1.3g
Saturated - 0.6g
Carbohydrates - 1.6g
Sugars - 0.1g
Sodium - 17mg

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Graham H.
Great value and protein ratio (80%)

I have it with rice or almond milk and a bit of water. At first I thought it was pretty gross, but have gotten used to it over the last few months and while it's never going to be delicious, it's totally fine. Better than having some artificial sweetener in it, so thanks for keeping it basic Nothing Naughty! 👍🏼

Luzdivina Sanchez
I LOVE this rice protein

I've been using this protein for over 6 months now and I am obsessed, I cannot use any other now. I add it to everything. Water, shakes, smoothies, yogurt, omelets, pancakes mix, brownie mix, pizza mix. Literally anything I'd eat or drink I add a scoop to it. The fact that is natural flavor makes it so versatile so you can use it into sweet and savory dishes. The amount of protein per calories intake is incredible good and I haven't found anything better in this market.

I'm in NZ with a holiday working visa and idk what I'm going to do when I leave I don't have this product any more. I highly recommend it.

Daniel D.
The taste requires attention

Brown Rice Protein was my hope, but the flavour is very difficult to blend in. Baked, savoury, sweet, in a smoothie, cooked - you name it: the flavour is predominant and unpleasant. My suggestion is to provide recipes with every purchase. To use 20g of it is a challenge, and the main reason I buy supplements is to make it easier. I don’t want to spend time with supplementation.

Maxine Marshall-Smith

Couldnt drink it...taste horrible

Just not nice.

This is not the worst vegan protein I've tried, but it's definitely down there. The taste is bad, and other flavours don't seem to drown it out. I won't be repurchasing.