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Reduced-sodium Iodised Sea Salt

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It may sound like an oxymoron but low-sodium salt can exist.  This salt is extracted from an underground sea beneath the Atacama Desert in Chile.  It forms from the evaporation of mineral-rich water which leaves unique salt grains consisting of 30% potassium and has 35% less sodium that regular salt.  Potassium is a vital nutrient that helps regulate the fluid and acid-base balance in your body and makes a perfect partnership with sodium.

Too much sodium intake can have adverse effects on the body and with so many processed foods containing high sodium levels, any way to reduce sodium intake can be a huge helping hand. This salt performs and tastes just like regular salt and can be used in place of salt in any recipes in a 1:1 ratio. We have added iodine to this salt blend which is another essential mineral that is naturally low in NZ soils and is recommended to be supplemented by the Ministry of Health.


  • 35% less sodium than regular salt
  • Contains 30% potassium which is considered a vital nutrient
  • Helping to address World Health Organisation goals to reduce global sodium intake by 30%
  • Added iodine to help reach daily iodine intake requirements, a mineral which NZ soils are deficient in
  • Tastes and responds like regular salt and can replace regular salt in a 1:1 ratio in any recipes

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Helen Lamb
excellent low- sodium salt alternative

Just like regular salt

Grant Curnow
Healthy salt

Can't tell the difference from regular salt taste and know this has reduced sodium and added potassium. Will buy again when back in stock.

kelly aitken
Lovely salty taste

Will buy again great taste!

Helen Hickford
Very good salty taste.

I was surprised that this product is so good and I’m trying to stick to a sodium reduced diet because of high B/p. The taste is really good and salty so I don’t feel as if I’m missing out. Would recommend.

Pia Alderson
Good option

Great for those who want a salty vibe without it being too much