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NZ Whey Protein - 1kg Refill Bag

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Flavour: Natural

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Compostable Protein Scoop

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Protein Powder Refill Bags - Keeping costs and weight to a minimum. Designed to refill your existing protein powder container or store it in another airtight container.

*Please transfer contents into your existing Whey Protein Jar or other airtight containers within five days of receiving the product for maximum freshness.

100% Premium NZ Whey Protein Concentrate and nothing else. Ideal for a pre-post workout or as a way to increase dietary protein intake. For best results blend with water, milk, or in a smoothie with a bullet or blender.  May also be added to raw and cooked baking recipes.

All natural, no fillers. Best tasting NZ-made protein powders.

For full ingredients please see the Whey Protein Powder Jar version of this product.

Nutritionals in photos

May contain soy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 481 reviews
Love it!

Great texture and easy to use. I've tried banana and caramel and both were great, but I do wish they were a little more strongly flavoured and/or sweeter. Having them quite plain means you can use them in smoothies and baking, but if it's going to be flavoured, it may as well pack a punch in my opinion!

Whey Protein Powder - Chocolate

Love it! I buy it regularly.
I also love that it doesn't have cacao as I'm trying to avoid oxylates 👌🏽 Please don't get rid of this option!



Protein powder

Very good value now switching to your brand. Would be good if it had cacao as I am having to add a tbs for each 2 of the scoops
Cacao is a superfood and good help your marketing-have a think about it!

Justin Mcnally

Love the protein
Like how you can order refills
Protein isn’t thick and Glugging