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An interview with #teamnothingnaughty athlete ambassador Lucy Olphert

An interview with #teamnothingnaughty athlete ambassador Lucy Olphert

You can't help but feel inspired and motivated around this energiser bunny.  She froths on helping others, making people laugh, and being the absolute best she can be.  Not only is she a reknown NZ equestrian athlete and coach but she also trains like a demon at the Adam's Centre for High Performance in her hometown of Tauranga, has won a small string of boxing matches, and fits in playing for a local hockey team. In between her busy travel schedule we managed to pin her down for a few minutes to get some quality Lucy time..

1. When and how did you get into showjumping/equestrian?
My Mum introduced me to the sport surprising me with my first pony (Planet) at the age of three. I started going to Pony Club at five and dabbled in a wide range of disciplines within Equestrian until I came back from my first international competition in Brazil, competing at the U14 World Finals where I finished 16th. I've been hooked ever since!

2. What is your involvement in the equestrian world outside of your own riding?
Whilst competing is my primary focus, I am also incredibly passionate about giving back to the sport through coaching and the Global Amateur Tour, an initiative I co-founded last year, to offer amateur showjumpers worldwide the opportunity to experience all the excitement, adrenaline and professionalism of competing internationally. We have an exciting calendar lined up for 2019 including Mexico, Morocco, Brazil, Argentina and New Zealand!

3. What are your current goals? And any big hairy goals for the future?
Short term I would like to produce my current horses up to World Cup level and potentially take them overseas to campaign. Long term, I hope to become an Olympian!

4. What is your own personal definition of potential?
For me it's about living life to the fullest, taking an active role in your own development. It means steering the rudder of your own life and taking advantage of your unique and powerful potential as a person.

It’s also about how the things you do in your life motivate & inspire others to do something motivating & inspiring in theirs — and, if you’re lucky, leave a legacy that long outlasts you.

5. How do you go after your fullest potential?
By holding myself accountable for my actions, knowing I am the only one than can fully control my path and leaving no stone unturned on that path!

6. What is your favourite inspirational quote or saying?
Your time is limited so don't waste it living someone else's life. Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want. 
- Steve Jobs

7. What do you do outside of riding to keep in top form for your sport?
Performance is made up of many components and time in the saddle is just one of them. I work closely with sports science, health and technology practitioners from the University of Waikato Adams Centre for High Performance who provide a holistic approach to ensure my body is strong physically and mentally. I train in the gym four days a week, incorporating a combination of resistance and cardio based exercises.

I am also involved as a guide for Achilles International, a foundation that empowers people with all types of disabilities to participate in mainstream running events in order to promote the aspects of health, fitness and personal achievement.

8. What motivates you to get up and train even on the coldest, rainiest days?
The fear of failure! Failing because I didn't put every ounce of effort in doesn't sit well with me. If I have done everything I can and still fail, at least I can sleep soundly! I also find that it is often during the difficult days that you become more resilient and aware of your greatest strengths.

9. Who inspires you and why?
Nelson Mandela, Mohammed Ali and Steve Jobs are a few tenacious people that have influenced me greatly over the years through their ability to follow through on their visions, despite facing incredible adversity along the way.

10. What are your favourite Nothing Naughty products and what do you use them for?
I am a mega fan of the protein and beauty bars and take them everywhere, including my overseas travels! They are healthy, convenient and are a fantastic source of nutrition when you are on the go!

I am also in love with the Natural Caramel Pea Protein, Collagen Powder and Maple Fibre Syrup. I mix these three ingredients together with a banana and two eggs and voilà! You have a healthy and delicious pancake mix!

11. If you could invent a new flavour for a Nothing Naughty bar or a new product what would it be?
Anything with peanut butter! 

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