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An interview with #teamnothingnaughty athlete Sam Osborne

An interview with #teamnothingnaughty athlete Sam Osborne

With 11 career XTERRA World Tour wins behind him this Rotorua local is absolutely smashing it in his current season over in North Amercia.  We managed to catch Sam on a recent training break to get some insights into how he chases his potential..

1.  When and how did you get into xterra racing?
2016. I raced ITU (short course road triathlon) for 7 years throughout Europe, but have always spent a lot of time on my mountain bike  (I am from Rotorua after all). So I guess it was always a natural progression to move across to something that I spent so much time doing.

I really like the fact that your skills base can play a major role in your performance, its the strongest and most skilled athlete who wins.

2. What are your current goals? And any big hairy goals for the future?
Win Pan-American Tour, Win World Champs, the big hairy goal is the same as this years goal, a lot has to go right on the day for it to happen. But after I placed 3rd last year I do really believe it’s possible.

3. What is your own personal definition of potential?
Everyone has an incredible amount of potential, it just depends on whether they are prepared to go after it or not.

4. How do you go after your fullest potential?
Good consistent work, I don’t do hero sessions just back up enough hard work for a long time.

5. What is your favourite inspirational quote or saying?
"To give anything but your best is to sacrifice the gift" - Steve Prefontaine

6. What motivates you to get up and train even on the coldest, darkest mornings?
I’ve never had too many issues getting up & training I really enjoy racing and the processes that lead to racing consistently & well. There are off days but I always taught chop wood, carry water enough and the rest will take care of itself.

7. Who inspires you and why?
I wouldn’t say i’m inspired but pushed along by those around me. Training groups I train with and a support group around. Surround yourself with driven & hard working people and what you do will be a by-product of that.

8. What are your favourite Nothing Naughty products and what do you use them for?
Dangerous question, that's a bit like asking a parent who their favourite child is….Fruit bars/protein bars both take a lot of self control to not destroy the box in a sitting. Fruit bars for long rides, protein bars when we’re doubling sessions up, Swim/gym.

9. If you could invent a new flavour for a Nothing Naughty bar what would it be?
A peanut butter or almond butter protein bar would go down a treat.

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